Masters Theses

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Master of Science



Major Professor

Mary Nelle Traylor

Committee Members

Roy E. Beauchene, Cyrus Mayshark


This thesis is a description and an analysis of the student's field experience with the Nutrition Section of the Louisiana State Department of Health. The purpose of the field experience was to develop a philosophy and an understanding of public health nutrition and to learn to function as a nutritionist in planning, developing, and evaluating nutrition programs.

The objectives of the field experience were accomplished through observation of and participation in nutrition-related activities and through interviews and conferences with personnel of the health department. Teaching classes, counseling patients, and writing an issue of the nutrition newsletter helped the student to develop the skills needed by a nutritionist. The student learned how the National Nutrition Survey in Louisiana was carried out and saw some of the resulting influences on program development. A meeting of the Louisiana State Nutrition Council, which demonstrated to the student an increased awareness of the need for nutrition services, was attended by the student.

Communication skills and increased knowledge of nutrition were gained through teaching, counseling, consulting, and writing. Skill was also developed in relating to the needs of specific groups. The student learned that continued self-evaluation will assist in strengthening her knowledge of nutrition and in furthering her professional development.

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Nutrition Commons