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Master of Arts



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Murray K. Marks

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Richard L. Jantz, Walter E. Klippel


Previous works on subadult sexual dimorphism have focused on the pelvis, cranium, or dentition. The results of these studies have been inconsistent regarding the existence of significant sex differences prior to puberty. For the most part, subadult long bone dimensions have been ignored in previous studies. This study evaluated subadult sexual dimorphism in long bone dimensions using a sample from the Luís Lopes collection. The results of MANCOVA tests and logistic regressions indicate that subadult long bone dimensions are significantly sexually dimorphic and hold some promise for sex determination. Clavicle measurements proved to be fairly accurate sex predictors for subadults. Models constructed from clavicle measurements correctly sexed ~83% of the young subadult sample (≤11 years) and ~95% of the older subadult sample (≥12 years). Measurements of the humerus, tibia, and ulna were fairly accurate at predicting sex in older subadults. Humerus measurements correctly classified ~94% the older subadult sample. Approximately 92% of the older subadult sample was accurately sexed using age and the minimum diameter of the tibia or circumference of the tibia. Overall, the most accurate models for sexing adults and subadults in this sample were constructed from the measurements of several long bones. Further research should be conducted on sexual dimorphism in subadult long bone dimensions.

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