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Master of Science


Management Science

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Walter L. Strause, James A. Spencer


Solid wastes management responsibility has traditionally been delegated by the states to their political subdivisions. Through the state planning grant provisions of the Federal Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965, many states are responding to the solid wastes problem that is taxing the capabilities of their local governments. In confronting the solid wastes problem within their borders, many states are re-evaluating their traditional roles.

This thesis is concerned with the response of Kentucky and Maryland to the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965. It is the purpose of this thesis to help to better understand the state solid wastes planning and plan implementation program experiences of Kentucky and Maryland, and how these experiences may be used to help in similar efforts by other states.

Library research provided the basis for the first five chapters of this thesis and personal interviews were conducted with key personnel in Kentucky and Maryland to provide the basis for analysis and comparison in Chapter IV.

From the evaluation of this information, it was concluded that there are aspects of solid wastes management, especially disposal, that might well be provided by the states. In addition, state concern for effective solid wastes management has resulted in an innovative and aggressive response in Maryland, which may provide a National example for a statewide program.

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