Masters Theses

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Master of Science


Agriculture and Extension Education

Major Professor

Robert S. Dotson

Committee Members

Cecil E. Cartere, John Brooker


The purposes of this study were to analyze the growth, structure and operation of the Bradley County Farmers' Market and to determine the factors contributing to the Market's success. Grower and consumer surveys were used to profile participants and isolate problems and suggestions for market improvement.

The Market's success was attributed to a wide range of factors: (1) technical assistance provided by the Extension Service, (2) a growing middle-class population in Cleveland, (3) preference by residents for fresh, locally-grown products, (4) a large number of retired, part-time and small-scale farmers in the area and (5) the location and special qualities of the market grounds and nearby canning facilities.

Although the Bradley County Farmers' Market appears to have reached a sales plateau, it has the potential to expand through an increase in product variety and extension of the growing season through new cultural practices. The market's simple structure and quick success suggest that it may be used as a model for other towns in the state.

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