Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

W.K. Stair


The experimental data obtained from two groove geometries of the viscoseal bearing were analyzed to study the bearing characteristics and the sealing performance. The experimental bearing characteristics were compared with the Dubois and Ocvirk Short-bearing Approximation. The sealing performance analysis of the bearing included (1) the determination of the sealing coefficient which was compared with the Stair and Hale method of theoretical prediction and (2) the effect of the bearing eccentricity ratio on the sealing coefficient, which was compared with the Vohr and Chow method of theoretical prediction.

The results of the study indicated that, at constant load and speed, the bearing supply pressure had no effect on the bearing eccentricity ratio; at a constant flow rate, however, the bearing supply pressure decreased as the bearing eccentricity ratio increased. Except for the shaft center locus findings, the experimental results were in fair agreement with the Short-bearing Approximation. The experimental results showed good agreement with a numerical analysis of the viscoseal bearing. The study also indicated that an increase in the land width resulted in an increase in the load-carrying capacity of the bearing. The experimental sealing coefficient did not agree with the theoretical prediction, although the results indicated that the sealing coefficient increased with an increase in the bearing eccentricity ratio.

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