Masters Theses

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Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

Jon C. Levin

Committee Members

Marianne Breinig, Stuart B. Elston


Tennessee ranks among the lowest states in terms of high school physics availability. This fact is compounded in rural areas by limited enrollment and a lack of accredited physics teachers. A distance-learning physics course was established between the University of Tennessee Knoxville and Morristown West High School in order to offer an introductory physics course in a school with no accredited physics teacher. Because classroom response systems have been shown to increase interactivity and discussion in physics courses, leading to better learning gains, the course was taught via live video-conferencing with the integration of a classroom response system.

Chapter-8-LectureNotes.pdf (86 kB)
Attachment 1: Monday Lecture Notes

Chapter-8-Torque.ppt (356 kB)
Attachment 2: Tuesday PowerPoint

Chapter-8-TorqueContinued.ppt (286 kB)
Attachment 3: Wednesday PowerPoint

Activity11-TorqueAndInertia.doc (21 kB)
Attachment 4: Thursday Online Activity (3705 kB)
Attachment 5: All Compiled Notes, PowerPoints, and Activities

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