Doctoral Dissertations

Orcid ID

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science

Major Professor

Jack J. Dongarra

Committee Members

Piotr R. Luszczek, Michael W. Berry, Michael A. Heroux


There is a growing performance gap between computation and communication on modern computers, making it crucial to develop algorithms with lower latency and bandwidth requirements. Because systems of linear equations are important for numerous scientific and engineering applications, I have studied several approaches for reducing communication in those problems. First, I developed optimizations to dense LU with partial pivoting, which downstream applications can adopt with little to no effort. Second, I consider two techniques to completely replace pivoting in dense LU, which can provide significantly higher speedups, albeit without the same numerical guarantees as partial pivoting. One technique uses randomized preprocessing, while the other is a novel combination of block factorization and additive perturbation. Finally, I investigate using mixed precision in GMRES for solving sparse systems, which reduces the volume of data movement, and thus, the pressure on the memory bandwidth.

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