Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Luís R. A. Finotti

Committee Members

Marie Jameson, Shashikant Mulay, Michael W. Berry


Given an ordinary elliptic curve E over a field 𝕜 of characteristic p, there is an elliptic curve E over the Witt vectors W(𝕜) for which we can lift the Frobenius morphism, called the canonical lifting of E. The Weierstrass coefficients and the elliptic Teichmüller lift of E are given by rational functions over 𝔽_p that depend only on the coefficients and points of E. Finotti studied the properties of these rational functions over fields of characteristic p ≥ 5. We investigate the same properties for fields of characteristic 2 and 3, make progress on some conjectures of Finotti, and introduce some conjectures of our own. We also investigate the structure of rings of Witt vectors over arbitrary commutative rings and give a computationally useful isomorphism for Witt vectors over ℤ/p^αℤ [alpha].

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