Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy

Major Professor

June D. Gorski

Committee Members

Gregory Petty, Denise Bates, Rena Hallam


The purpose of this research study was to describe course content on unintentional injuries in undergraduate personal health and wellness courses at four year public and private colleges and universities identified by the Eta Sigma Gamma directory in the United States. An instrument was created, validated and tested for reliability, and used to assess course content areas related to unintentional injuries in undergraduate personal health and wellness courses. The sample for the study included 106 participants (N=106) from public and private colleges and universities in 36 states. Chi-square analysis, ANOVA, factor analysis, and MANOVA tests were used to determine if significant differences existed in course content areas based on selected demographic characteristics.

Results indicated that college and university faculty members report teaching about unintentional injuries. Findings indicated that significant differences do exist in unintentional injury course content areas. The top five content areas identified by faculty members include water-related injuries, firearm safety, motorcycle injuries, motor vehicle passenger safety, and motor vehicle impaired driving. Factor analysis results revealed that unintentional injury course content areas can be categorized into three groups: personal content, motor vehicle content, and injury content. The level of statistical significance was set at 0.05.

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