Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Plants, Soils, and Insects

Major Professor

John K. Moulton

Committee Members

Carl J. Jones, Ernest C. Bernard, David A. Etnier


A general overview of family Psychodidae is given. Genus Eurygarka Quate is revised to include three species. Genus Gondwanoscurus Jezek is revised to include seven species. The status of genus Stupkaiella Vaillant is revised. Eight new Nearctic species: Eurygarka cyphostylus sp. nov., E. nelderi sp. nov., Stupkaiella lasiostyla sp. nov., S. robinsoni sp. nov., S. capricorna sp. nov., Trichomyia rostrata sp. nov., Australopericoma delta sp. nov., and Threticus thelyceratus sp. nov., and two new Oriental species: Gondwanoscurus cruciferus sp. nov. and G. ornithostylus sp. nov. are described. Two Nearctic species: Eurygarka helicis (Dyar) and Stupkaiella bipunctata (Kincaid), and four Oriental species: Gondwanoscurus ejundicus (Quate), G. eximius (Quate), G. mcclurei (Quate) and G. praecipuus (Quate) are redescribed. A list of species collected during a survey of the Psychodidae of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is given, and a key to the genera of Psychodidae occurring in GSMNP is provided. A classification of psychodid subfamilies based on morphological and molecular evidence is proposed.

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