Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Biomedical Engineering

Major Professor

Mohamed Mahfouz

Committee Members

Aly E. Fathy, Richard D. Komistek, Lynne E. Parker, William R. Hamel


This dissertation embodies the diversity and creativity of my research, of which much has been peer-reviewed, published in archival quality journals, and presented nationally and internationally. Portions of the work described herein have been published in the fields of image processing, forensic anthropology, physical anthropology, biomedical engineering, clinical orthopedics, and microwave engineering.

The problem studied is primarily that of developing the tools and technologies for a next-generation surgical navigation system. The discussion focuses on the underlying technologies of a novel microwave positioning subsystem and a bone analysis subsystem. The methodologies behind each of these technologies are presented in the context of the overall system with the salient results helping to elucidate the difficult facets of the problem.

The microwave positioning system is currently the highest accuracy wireless ultra-wideband positioning system that can be found in the literature. The challenges in producing a system with these capabilities are many, and the research and development in solving these problems should further the art of high accuracy pulse-based positioning.

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