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Doctor of Philosophy



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John Lounsbury

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Jacob Levy, Richard Saudargas, Tricia McClam


The purpose of the present study is to further examine the relationship between personality traits and Psychological Sense of Community (PSC). It attempts to confirm previous research findings that indicate a significant relationship between the Big Five traits and PSC. In addition, it seeks to determine whether selected narrow personality traits are significantly related to PSC and whether those traits add incremental validity to the Big Five personality traits in predicting PSC. This study is a secondary analysis of data collected by Resource Associates, Inc between 2003-2005. Participants (N=1468) were students at a large, southeastern university. Results confirmed a positive relationship between PSC and four of the Big Five traits. Correlational analysis further indicated that all four selected narrow personality traits are positively related to PSC. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis revealed that the narrow traits of Career-Decidedness, Optimism, Work Drive, and Sense of Identity, while significant, accounted for a modest proportion of the variance in the prediction of PSC. Implications, limitations, and directions for future research are discussed.

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