Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School Psychology

Major Professor

R. Steve McCallum

Committee Members

Sherry M. Bell, Christopher Skinner, Merilee McCurdy


Within the framework of a pretest/posttest design, relations among the Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test – Group Ability Test (UNIT-GAT) and two measures of reading achievement: the Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency, Second Edition (TOSWRF-2) and the Test of Silent Word Reading Comprehension, Second Edition (TOSCRF-2) were examined for 140 children between the ages of six and fifteen, enrolled in one of three Boys & Girls Clubs in the eastern United States. Based on a counterbalanced administration at pretest, UNIT-GAT Analogical Reasoning (AR) scores moderately correlated with TOSWRF-2 Form A scores (r = .45, p < 01), TOSWRF-2 Form B scores (r = .41, p < .01), TOSCRF-2 Form A scores (r = .45, p < .01), and TOSCRF-2 Form B scores (r = .49, p < .01). Further, among students who attended at least fifteen tutoring sessions, only one of four correlation coefficients between UNIT-GAT AR scores and the posttest reading change scores was significant, UNIT-GAT AR and TOSWRF-2 Form B; ( p < 01), but this value is essentially meaningless, as it was obtained from only 2 participants. Even though the concurrent validity between the UNIT-GAT AT and the two reading scores is moderately strong, it does not predict change scores after tutoring under the conditions of this study. Implications are discussed.

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