Date of Award


Degree Type


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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Jerome F. Eastham

Committee Members

Bruce M. Anderson, George K. Schwitzer, David A. Shirley


Introduction: Although dialkylmagnesium compounds have been known for over a hundred years, relatively little effort has been directly expended on these reagents per se; much of what we know about magnesium alkyls has been an outgrowth of previous studies concerned with the nature of the Grignard reagent. Only recently has any effort been made to elaborate on methods for preparing these reagents, to determine carefully their physical and chemical properties, and to develop practical uses for these reagents. It has been the purpose of the present study to review the presently known methods of preparation of dialkylmagnesium compounds, to investigate some new preparative techniques for these reagents, to examine their physical and chemical properties, and to carry out some basic chemical reactions involving their use. A summary of previous studies of magnesium alkyls follows.

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Chemistry Commons