Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Gregory S. Baker

Committee Members

Edmund Perfect, Larry Taylor, Dayakar Penumadu


Subsurface imaging is very critical to exploit subsurface resources, monitor the fluid movement in the reservoir, mapping tunnels etc. As science advances scientists and other researchers are constantly trying to develop new techniques and methods for subsurface imaging that are more effective, efficient, and are more robust under varying field conditions. The main focus of this research is one such effort to improve and increase the usability of the Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Wave method (MASW) method in determining regolith and rock properties by introducing a new type of receiver arrangement to extend its usage in places that are inaccessible for example, near embankments, military places, clandestine burials, etc. Advances in near-surface geophysical techniques, such as multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW), have greatly increased our ability to map subsurface variations in physical properties here on Earth. The MASW method involves deployment of multiple seismometers to acquire 1-D or 2-D shear wave velocity profiles that can be directly related to various engineering properties. The purpose of the research presented here is to demonstrate the usefulness and capabilities of MASW technique using a random receiver array 1) through controlled site experiments, 2) through Modeling experiments, and 3) And finally apply the technique at terrestrial site (the Black Point Lava Flow) with a different geologic setting. The results focus on near-surface MASW studies and interpretation of the subsurface geology using a random geophone array. The field techniques and methodologies discussed in this dissertation, although applicable on Earth, are also intended for surfaces and regolith in the future exploration of planetary bodies for possible human habitation. This would include Mars, its Moon-Phobus/Deimos, Near-Earth Asteroids (NEA’s), even Earth’s Moon. With each situation, the nature of the regolith and its formational processes will place certain restrictions and limitations upon the applications. This is expected with any change of terrains even on the Earth, let alone between planetary bodies.

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