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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Dr. Patricia Davis-Wiley

Committee Members

Dr. Edward Counts, Dr. John Ray, Dr. John Romeiser


Rapid development of computer technology in recent years has presented broad opportunities for its use in various fields, including the field of language teaching. Various materials have been designed to assist language teachers and learners with their goals. At present, a number of tools, including a vast variety of language teaching software, is readily available on the market. However, limited research has been conducted on identifying evaluation criteria for language teaching software from multiple perspectives. This study has undertaken to identify and reach consensus on the evaluation criteria for language teaching software essential for the software design and selection. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following two research questions: 1. What criteria for evaluation of language teaching software are identified in currently published literature, including textbooks, software reviews, and Instructional Technology and Computer-Assisted Language Learning research? 2. Which criteria are deemed important by the representatives of the Board and Council of the International Association of Language Learning Technology? A three-phase research design was employed to carry out the purpose of the study and to provide answers to the research questions. First, published sources for existent language teaching evaluation criteria were identified. Second, a joint list of criteria was compiled from a variety of sources. Then, the criteria were organized into five thematic groups and eight subgroups. In order to validate and reach consensus on the identified criteria, a modified Delphi survey was conducted. Two vi rounds of the Delphi method were implemented and produced the final list of evaluation criteria for the selection and design of language teaching software.

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