Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Materials Science and Engineering

Major Professor

Philip D. Rack

Committee Members

Michael L. Simpson, Thomas T. Meek, Syed Islam


The characterization and fabrication of active matrix TFTs [Thin Film Transistors] have been studied for applying an addressable microfluidic electrowetting channel device. The a-IGZO [Amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide] is used for electronic switching device to control the microfluidic device because of its high mobility, transparency, and easy to fabrication. The purpose of this dissertation is to optimize each IGZO TFT process including the optimization of a-IGZO properties to achieve robust device for application. To drive the IGZO TFTs, the channel resistance of IGZO layer and contact resistance between IGZO layer and source/drain (S/D) electrode are discussed in this dissertation. In addition, the generalization of IGZO sputter condition is investigated by calculation of IGZO and O2 [Oxygen] incorporation rate at different oxygen partial pressure and different sputter targets. To develop the robust IGZO TFTs, the different passivation layers deposited by RF [Radio Frequency] magnetron sputter are investigated by comparing the electrical characteristics of TFTs. The effects PECVD [Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition] of SiO2 [Silicon Dioxide] passivation layers on IGZO TFTs is studied the role of hydrogen and oxygen with analyzed and compared the concentration by the SIMS [Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy].

In addition, the preliminary electrowetting tests are performed for electrowetting phenomena, the liquid droplet actuation, the comparison between conventional electrowetting and Laplace barrier electrowetting, and the different size electrode effect for high functional properties. The active matrix addressing method are introduced and investigated for driving the electrowetting microfluidic channel device by Pspice simulation. Finally, the high resolution electrowetting microfluidic device (16ⅹ16 matrix) is demonstrated by driving liquid droplet and channel moving using active matrix addressing method and fully integrated IGZO TFTs.

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