Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Animal Science

Major Professor

D. A. Etnier

Committee Members

D. L. Bunting, A. C. Echternacht, M. L. Pan, C. D. Pless


The adults and larvae of the genus Pycnopsyche are reviewed. Nineteen species are recognized for the genus. The males and females of all species are described and illustrated. All species accounts include description, diagnosis, type locality, distribution, variation, notes and material examined sections. The P. scabripennis complex is revised, and three distinct species are recognized (P. scabripennis s.s., P. antica, and P. conspersa). The P. lepida group (P. lepida, P. indiana, P. subfasciata, and P. virginica) is also revised with all species remaining recognized; however, P. virginica is removed from the complex. Two new species are described for the genus but will be named in a separate publication (herein identified as P. sp. A and P. sp. B). Keys are provided for all adults of both sexes. The larvae of sixteen species are described and/or discussed. A number of these were reared for the first time. Because of the conservativeness of larval morphology as a whole, many of the larvae can not be successfully identified below the level of groups of species. Keys to larvae are not included because of this difficulty. Known distributions of the species in the genus are updated utilizing information from published and unpublished sources. Maps plotted by county (U. S. records) or site (Canada records) are included. Finally, a preliminary discussion of phylogenetic relationships in the genus is provided. Based on this discussion the genus is modified from the five species groups of Schmid (1955) to a total of eight groups.

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Zoology Commons