Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Michael R. Nash

Committee Members

John W. Lounsbury, Jacob J. Levy, James E. Diamond


Theory provides a background for the underlying construct of Openness to the Unconscious and in turn for the Openness to the Unconscious scale (OU), which was designed to predict personal fit for different kinds of psychotherapy. Two studies test the clinical validity of the scale using records review from a training clinic. Cross-sectional analysis with MMPI-2 data failed to support hypotheses regarding OU's relationship to personality psychopathology. More importantly, the scale failed to predict attrition from psychotherapy, which had been expected. Results also fail to support the hypotheses that OU interacts with treatment type to predict attrition. These findings are discussed. Exploratory analyses suggest possibilities for future research of the OU scale, especially regarding its possible relationship with hysteric and manic traits.

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