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Exhibition catalogue produced to accompany Printmakers Select Printmakers at the Art and Architecture Gallery, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The exhibition was initiated by University of Tennessee printmaking professor Byron McKeeby, who died before its completion. The exhibition and catalogue are dedicated to his memory.

This exhibition was organized to represent a cross section of contemporary printmaking in universities throughout the United States. Professors of printmaking from twenty institutions were invited to submit both a print of their own and prints by two of their outstanding students.

Exhibitors were: Judy humphrey, Win Faulkner, Carol Susann Wehunt, Wayne Kimball, T. Christison, Evan Lindquist, Cynthia Livingstonm Toni Unrein, Dick Swift, Kent Hattersley, Lydia Kawasaki, Steve Cortright, Keith Schneider, Mary Ann Bonjorni, Richard Black, Cathy Jacobi, MaryDornenburg, Tom Hammond, Katie Davis, Susan Roberts,Fred Wessell, Lauri Spzak, Ellen Toti, Wendy Calman, James Kechbiel, Gerry Wubben, Keith Achepohl, Seok Chng, Kohn Calwelti, Cima Kat, Dan Kirchhefer, Branham Rendlen, John Whitsell, Deborah L. Havens, Ken Reker, John L. Winters, Mark Byzewski, Robert Ring, Thomas Mawrocki, Helen Bullen, Kelly Kriszamer, Francis Noel, Pam Longobardi, Jane Abrams, Jill Preiser, Pauline Sanchez, Lloyd R. Menard, Bill Greiner, Johntimothy Pizzuto, Judy Youngblood, Rhae Burden, John McAlpin, Charles Masey Jr., Fredrik Marsh, Henry McGee, Mark W. Anderson, Diego P. Sanchez,


Photo credit: Robert Reck, pages 36-37; Paul Hethmon, page 5.

Catalogue cover design: Jamie Gannon.

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