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In Pencil Pushed, the word pencil functions simply as a metaphor or symbol for drawing and its activity. The selected artists are known for their drawing or drawing activity as their primary means of expression and have either pushed the material, process, or boundary of conventional drawing. Media included video, sculpture, animation, installation, and of course, works on paper. This exhibition is neither a survey nor the definitive grouping of mark-making artists. It is more a conversation about artists who have and continue to explore these regions in drawing.

Featured artists in Pencil Pushed are: William Anastasi, William Pittman Andrews, Caroline Burton, Elisa D’Arrigo, Mary Reid Kelley, Sharon Louden, Jennifer Macdonald, Peter Mollenkof, Darcy Brennan Poor, Bill Richards, Beatrice Riese, Hilda Shen, Drew Shiflett, Stephen Talasnik, and Sam Vernon


Exhibition Curator: Creighton Michael

Catalogue Design: Sarah Campbell

Printing: The University of Tennessee Graphic Arts Services

ISBN: 978-0-9761663-9-9

© 2012 Ewing Gallery of Art + Architecture

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