Earth and Planetary Sciences Publications and Other Works



Submissions from 2019


Deformation conditions during syn-convergent extension along the Cordillera Blanca shear zone, Peru, Cameron A. Hughes, Michah J. Jessup, Colin A. Shaw, and Dennis L. Newell


Quantitatively Partitioning of microbial function among taxonomic ranks across the tree of life, Taylor M. Royalty and Andrew D. Steen

Submissions from 2017


Darwin Day in deep time: promoting evolutionary science through paleontology, Sarah L. Sheffield and Jennifer E. Bauer

Submissions from 2013


A unique midgut-associated bacterial community hosted by the cave beetle Cansiliella servadeii (Coleoptera: Leptodirini) reveals parallel phylogenetic divergences from universal gut-specific ancestors, Maurizio G. Paoletti, Luca Mazzon, Isabel Martinez-Sañudo, Mauro Simonato, Mattia Beggio, Angelo Leandro Dreon, Alberto Pamio, Mauro Brilli, Luca Dorigo, Annette Summers Engel, Alessandra Tondello, Barbara Baldan, Giuseppe Concheri, and Andrea Squartini

Submissions from 2011


Efficacy of Hollow-Fiber Ultrafiltration for Microbial Sampling in Groundwater, Peter Knappett, Alice Layton, Larry D. McKay, Daniel Williams, Brian J. Mailloux, M.R. Huq, M.J. Alam, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Yasuyuki Akita, Marc L. Serre, Gary S. Sayler, and Alexander van Geen

Submissions from 2007


Fractal Characterization of Fracture Networks: An Improved Box-counting Technique, Ankur Roy, Edmund Perfect, William M. Dunne, and Larry McKay