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Africana Studies

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January 2010


The ways that some Haitian Protestants view of Vodou and the importance of karactè (character) have emerged as two interrelated and fundamental aspects of Haitian Protestant worldview within a transnational social field. First, many Haitian Protestants believe the practice of Vodou since the Bwa Kayiman ceremony is the main reason why Haiti is mired in a socioeconomic crisis. Second, the development of a Haitian individual’s karactè through Haitian Protestantism is seen by a growing number of Haitian Protestants in the Bahamas, Haiti and the United States as a remedy that can transform the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere into a viable nation-state. In this essay, I offer ethnographic examples of these two features of Haitian Protestant worldview to demonstrate the centrality of these beliefs in the formation and maintenance of a religious identity that is growing in Haiti and in Haitian diasporas in the region.

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