Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Industrial Engineering

Major Professor

Rapinder Sawhney

Committee Members

Kenneth E. Kirby, Dukwon Kim


Lean implementation is a complex process and requires a comprehensive lean assessment methodology that collects information from all the areas of an organization, and helps to determine the current state of the organization. A lean assessment tool is a stepping-stone for successful lean implementation as it provides as accurate accounting of a company’s current state and helps develop future strategies for business activities. It is quite essential to develop a lean assessment tool that focuses on manufacturing systems, support systems, operational excellence (integration of lean & six-sigma), and cultural sustainability of the organization. The assessment tool is developed focusing on an integrated approach, which is flexible, versatile and user-friendly. This assessment tool has been developed as an internet/intranet based software tool that adopts self-assessment surveys answered by employees from different parts of the organization as a methodology to determine the current state. The assessment tool has been tested at various companies and results are compared with conventional assessment methods.


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physical copy includes CD of ASB code files.

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