Advisor/Major Professor

Lawrence Heilbronn

Additional Advisors/Committee Members

Saed Mirzadeh, Howard Hall, Ivan Maldonado

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The goals of this research are to (1) verify the predictions and accuracy of two computer codes which will be utilized in future research on Pm-147 production with data from a previous experiment and to (2) measure the cross section of Pm-147 for single neutron capture producing Pm-148 ground state and Pm-148 metastable state. The research in goal (1) used previous data obtained by James H. Hinderer in 2010 and a sample of Promethium-147 prepared by Rose Boll in 2006. The main elements of the new research done here included a correction of Mr. Hinderer’s data and the subsequent use of the corrected data to verify the Cumming’s Least Square Method (‘CLSQ’) and the Isochain computer codes. To achieve the results outlined in goal (2) above, new HFIR irradiations were performed to measure the cross-section of Promethium-147 for single neutron capture was also measured, irradiating a previously prepared sample of Pm-147 in HFIR to make Pm-148 ground and Pm-148 metastable states.

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