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Spring 2013


Circuit City Stores, Inc. sold consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software, and appliances in the growing consumer electronics market.[1] Circuit City was founded by Samuel S. Wurtzel in 1949 under the name Wards Company. The store named “Wards” was an acronym of Wurtzel’s family name’s: “W” for Wurtzel, “A” for his son Alan, “R” for his wife Ruth, “D” for his son David, and “S” for his own name.[2] Circuit City was the first electronics superstore and was the nation’s second largest retailer of consumer electronics as recently as 2004.[3] Circuit City began the superstore concept for consumer sales, showing that the concept was highly efficient and lucrative. Instead, Circuit City will be remembered as a cautionary tale of bad management and complacency in the fast-evolving retail-electronics industry.[4]

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