2006 Freerange Video Contest



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Spring 2006


Description: Barry undergoes a radical experiment of space and time, and he is thrust into a metaphysical fugue over which he has no control. Credits Director/Producer - Jaclyn Brooke Boleman Writer/Editor/DP - Ben Harvey Cast: Barry - Buddy Lucas Technician - Joe Buerlein Woman on bench - Mandi Lawson Music by: Transient - "Electronic Data" Transient - "Hoagie Hound" Transient - "Flying Railroad Machines" Transient - "Macrame" all distributed @ www.archive.org under a creative commons license Running Time: 5:32 Additional Information Jaclyn Brooke Boleman is a senior studying Political Science. To satisfy the conditions set forth in the contest: Lead character wakes - in a public restroom Sees something funny - out the window over coffee Gets ready for work - prepares breakfast, ties his tie Arrives late to work - at the ORNL facility Has strange conversation by water cooler - a' la cooling tower Makes an incredible discovery - time travel Celebrates - at a bar Falls asleep - passed out

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