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In 2014 the European Union, in concert with a number of other nations, enacted multiple rounds of sanctions against the Russian Federation. These sanctions were implemented due to the perceived role of the Russian Federation in the Ukrainian Euro Maiden Revolution of February 2014, and the subsequent annexation of the Crimean region. The following work investigates the resulting impacts of these sanctions on V4 (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, & Slovak) economies before ultimately concluding sanctions did not result in long term economic harm to the respective nations.

This essay investigates the relationships and structures of V4 and Russian energy industries and the impacts of 2014 sanction policies.


This essay is one of six completed as part of a Fulbright project at the Antall József Knowledge Centre in Budapest, Hungary.

The Preface below links to the main work, with descriptions of each essay. Additional links direct to the six individual essays:

Project Preface: Exploring the Visegrád-Russia Connection: Understanding the Political and Economic Ramifications of Sanction Policies Four Years Later

Essay 1: Econometric Analyses

Essay 2: Energy

Essay 3: Financial Services & Governance

Essay 4: Defense & Dual-Use

Essay 5: Agriculture

Essay 6: Policy Recommendations

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