The ETLA Board presented the 2011 Rothrock Speakers, Felicia Felder-Hoehne, a research librarian at the University of Tennessee, and her sister, Dr. Barbara Lynne Ivey Yarn, MD, a renowned anesthesiologist, former scientific researcher in mammalian genetics at ORNL, and pain management specialist. The lecture, which occurred on April 28th, 2011, featured a discussion of their early experiences with libraries, their education in the segregated schools of Knoxville, their careers, and the changes they’ve witnessed. The lecture would be of interest to those seeking a better understanding of Knoxville African American history and introduced useful resources to those researching the Knoxville African American community.


Submissions from 2011


2011 Rothrock Lecture, Felicia Feldner-Hoehne and Barbara Lynne Ivey Yarn