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Physical Review D

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January 2000


We discuss absorption of scalars by a distribution of spinning D3-branes. The D3-branes are multi-center solutions of supergravity theory. We solve the wave equation in various cases of supergravity backgrounds in which the equation becomes separable. We show that the absorption coefficients exhibit a universal behavior as functions of the angular momentum quantum number and the Hawking temperature. This behavior is similar to the form of the gray-body factors one encounters in scattering by black holes. Our discussion includes the problematic case of spherically symmetric distributions of D-branes, where resonances arise. We obtain the same universal form for the absorption coefficients, if the region enclosed by the D-branes is excluded from physical considerations. Non-extremal D-branes are also discussed. The results are similar to the extremal cases, albeit at half the Hawking temperature. We speculate that new degrees of freedom enter as one moves away from extremality.


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