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Cancer genetic testing (CGT) is a powerful diagnostic test that improves cancer prevention and early detection among individuals at high genetic risk of cancer. Since the completion of the mapping of the Human Genome Project, CGT has become increasingly available in the clinical setting. However, as gene discovery and sequencing technology improve, the impact of these advancements on patients is less understood. The use of multigene cancer gene panel tests has become increasingly prevalent; as such, the likelihood of incidental or inconclusive findings has increased. The author conducted a literature review to outline the science on CGT methods, the psychosocial responses to testing among patients, and the unique role of nurses in this process. A significant gap in the literature exists regarding multigene cancer genetic panel tests and the associated experiences and decision-making processes among individuals who have had testing. Future research will specifically explore the experiences of young women with breast cancer who have undergone hereditary cancer risk assessment genetic panel testing that reveals incidental or inconclusive findings.


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