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Annexation Handbook III is divided into 11 chapters, each of which discusses a discrete subject in the area of annexation. Following those chapters are a number of appendices that contain various annexation forms, including a joint MTAS-CTAS publication on how comprehensive growth plans are amended (as modified by Public Acts 2014, Chapter 707). Annexation Handbooks I and II contained a copy of the annexation laws found in Tennessee Code Annotated; Annexation Handbook III omits that copy because current copies of the annexation law are generally available from numerous local sources and because Tennessee’s annexation law has changed significantly in recent years, and may change even more in the near future. However Appendix A contains a verbatim copy of Public Acts 2014, Chapter 707 because of its singular importance.

Annexation Handbook II contained a chapter on “The Right Annexation Done Right.” That chapter is omitted in Annexation Handbook III because several appendices deal with recent plans of services that reflect annexation studies that are generally superior to older ones typical of annexations. They are a good guide to “The Right Annexation Done Right.”


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