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This paper was written by public administration expert Luther Gulick, whose keynote address at the Tennessee Municipal League's 9th annual convention included a proposal to establish "a local government technical advisory service." Gulick's proposal resonated with TML Herb Bingham, who carried it to the state legislature leading to the creation of MTAS.

The full text of the document is housed in the MTAS library's archives section. For more information, visit the MTAS library's webpage.

Preface: "This is a strictly preliminary document. It is published for the 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in New York City, September 6, 1957, as part of the documentation for the panel discussion on "Metropolitan Government, 1975: An Extrapolation of Trends." This paper grows out of the Government in Metropolitan Areas Project underwritten by the Edgar B. Stern Family Fund in August, 1955. Neither the Edgar B. Stern Family Fund, nor the Governmental Affairs Institute of Washington, D. C., nor the eminent social scientists associated with the project are however in any sense responsible for this document or for its sins of omission or commission. These are attributable solely to the author. In the nature of the case we shall be eager to have comments and suggestions, so that these may be drawn on as the Government in Metropolitan Areas Project is carried forward to completion."


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