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Several of Lexmark’s current models employ a paper path that is concentrated within the front section of the printers in order to provide easy access for internal paper jams. However, this construction introduces complications associated with the accompanying output tray, as it necessitates a backward-facing paper feed which ejects sheets away from the user. This presents an inconvenience to the consumer if there are any obstructions above the paper tray. For example, if the printer is placed inside a cubby, on a shelf, or utilizes one of Lexmark’s attachment devices, access to the printed sheets becomes greatly restricted.

As such, the task presented to the design team was to devise a mechanism which could circumvent this issue. Particularly, the client requested an attachment which could be added to existing printers or future models which would provide the consumer with a redirected output. The resultant output would bring the printed sheets forward, providing users with much easier access to the paper output in any situation.

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