Submissions from 2010


Are We There Yet? An Assessment of Research Design and Construct Measurement Practices in Entrepreneurship Research, T. Russell Crook, Christopher L. Shook, M. Lane Morris, and Timothy M. Madden

Submissions from 2009


How Important are Transaction Costs for Service Firm Integration Decisions? A Meta-analysis, T. Russell Crook, Paul Louis Drnevich, Garry L. Adams, and James G. Combs

Submissions from 2008


Strategic Resources and Performance: a Meta-analysis, T. Russell Crook, David J. Ketchen Jr., James G. Combs, and Samuel Y. Todd

Submissions from 2006


Audit Committee Financial Experts: A Closer Examination Using Firm Designations, Joseph V. Carcello, CW Hollingsworth, and Terry L. Neal

Submissions from 2005


The Dimensionality of Organizational Performance and its Implications for Strategic Management Research, T. Russell Crook, James G. Combs, and Christopher L. Shook


Hierarchical Linear Modeling of Multilevel Data, T. Russell Crook, Samuel Y. Todd, and Anthony G. Barilla