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University of Tennessee Undergraduate Library Audiotour Promotional Posters, 1984

Dan Ream, Virginia Commonwealth University
John Crawford

Photographs are in jpeg file format and print copies of these posters will be housed in the UT Libraries archives


In the summer of 1984, destruction of the Hodges Undergraduate Library began in order to construct a new main library on the same site. During this destruction/construction period of several years, the Undergraduate Library’s services and collections were split and relocated to the first floor of the Humanities and Sciences Building and Dunford residence hall. As in previous years, all freshman English students were required to take the Undergraduate Library’s (UGL) 20-minute audiotape tour in order to learn their way around the Undergraduate Library and in order to pass freshman English course requirements. In addition, many returning students that September needed to learn where the Undergraduate Library services and collections had moved during the summer of 1984. Featured in these posters were Chancellor Jack Reese, English professor Bain Stewart, and History professor LeRoy Graf , captured in the act of finding the relocated library. These 3 posters were prominently displayed in the Chancellor’s outer office, throughout the libraries and campus buildings. Photography of these posters was by library staff member John Crawford and poster design and lettering by UGL reference librarian Dan Ream. Posters photographed in August , 1984 and published in September, 1984. In addition, a television production was made about the relocated library featuring these same faculty and additional campus celebrities, such as Homecoming Queen Leigh Davis and UT mascot, Smokey, the hound dog as well as various library staff. This was aired on the local PBS affiliate at UT and aired during primetime on a Sunday night. For additional information contact Dan Ream at danream@gmail.com