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Dr. Robert B. Downs, Director of the Library and of the Library SchOOl at the University of Illinois and at that time president-elect of the American Library Association, spoke on April 21, 1952. A recognized authority on library resources, he was the logical choice to speak on the development of research collections in university libraries.

Dr. Lester Asheim, Dean of the Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago, spoke on the study of reading effects for the fifth lecture, Monday, March 23, 1953. Still most timely in its relation to the problems of intellectual freedom and censorship, it presents a thoughtful and objective appraisal of the difficulties inherent in the study of what reading does to people.

Dr. Lawrence Clark Powell, Librarian of the University of California at Los Angeles and Director of the Clark Memorial Library on that campus, brought in the sixth lecture on March 5, 1954, an inspiring account of experiences in the magnetic field of books which has drawn him to many points of collectors' interest in this country and abroad.

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