Voices of Diversity

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Bharat Mehra




School of Information Sciences

Time at UTK

3 years

Gender Identity



South Asian (from India)



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Interview, Photo

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121808-1.mp3 (3237 kB)
1. Tell us a little bit about your experience being at UTK’s campus. (3:27 mins)

121808-2.mp3 (1080 kB)
2. You mentioned ethnicities and sexual orientation. Is there anything you would like to tell us about how you identify yourself? (1:09 mins)

121808-3.mp3 (1892 kB)
3. Are you out on campus as a gay person? (2:01 mins)

121808-4.mp3 (3435 kB)
4. Do you have heroes or mentors in your life? (3:39 mins)

1218208-5.mp3 (9703 kB)
5. You mention being in Illinois, how was being out on that campus different from this one? (10:21 mins)

121808-6.mp3 (8492 kB)
6. Before we go on with the rest of our questions, did you have a story prepared that you wanted to tell us? (9:03 mins)

121808-7.mp3 (2376 kB)
7. Do you want to talk perhaps about any incidents that have occurred on campus with you, either positive or negative, that might relate to you being gay and your personal experiences on campus from that perspective? (2:32 mins)

121808-8.mp3 (4003 kB)
8. In your opinion has UTK’s campus changed in the time that you have been here related to LGBT issues? (4:16 mins)

121808-9.mp3 (4300 kB)
9. You were talking about how, previously, LGBT topics hadn’t been brought into the conversation. If someone asked why should LGBT issues be included in the definition of diversity, what would your answer be? (4:35 mins)

121808-10.mp3 (4203 kB)
10. How do you feel about the future, here at the university, as it might be related to LGBT issues? (4:29 mins)

121808-11.mp3 (4333 kB)
11. What would you like your peers and colleagues to know about what it is like to be on gay on this campus? (4:37 mins)

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