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Question 1: Tell us a little bit about being LGBT on the UTK campus.

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Question 2: You mention being out. How do you identify yourself?

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Question 3: You mention being out in your previous job. Are you out here on campus and what is that like?

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Question 4: You have taught courses in your department. Tell us a little bit about the course content and your experience with that.

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Question 5: Do you have any mentors or heroes in your life and how have they influenced you?

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Question 6: Tell us about your experience at UT and what brought you here.

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Question 7: When you talk with your colleagues that work at other institutions, what are some of the similarities and differences related to LGBT issues on their campuses?

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Question 8: Have you experienced any incidences of discrimination or harassment while here at UT?

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Question 9: You have a lot of contact with students. Have students told you stories about problems that they may be having on campus?

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Question 10: During your stay here at UT have you noticed any changes in attitudes either positive or negative related to LGBT issues?

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Question 11: How do you feel about the future at UT for LGBT issues?

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Question 12: I'd like to go back to your first question where you talk about your experience in coming to Knoxville not being a particular positive one. What kind of advice would you give to someone in a similar situation who was looking at perhaps coming to the University of Tennessee for a job?

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Question 13: What would you like your peers and colleagues to know about you other than that you are a lesbian?

121608-14.mp3 (1124 kB)
Question 14: What would you like your peers and colleagues to know about what it is like to be a lesbian on this campus?

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Question 15: Are there any other stories you would like to share with us?

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Question 16: [additional story]

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Question 17: There has been a lot of talk at UT about diversity. If someone were to question why does LGBT have to be part of diversity, why should it be included, what would your answer be?

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Question 18: What would you like UT to look like, say two to five years in the future, with regard to LGBT issues?

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Photograph of Dr. Lynn Sacco

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