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Veterinary Record - Case Report

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A 20-year-old, male, neutered camel presented with an 8-month history of a proliferative and ulcerated cush pad lesion refractory to topical wound management. The referring veterinarian performed a punch biopsy to further investigate the tissue; findings were consistent with granulation tissue. The patient was referred to University of Tennessee Farm Animal Medicine and Surgery service for additional diagnostics, surgical debridement and intensive wound care. The camel underwent surgical debridement of the lesion, and histopathology was consistent with a squamous cell carcinoma. Bloodwork revealed a severe non-regenerative anaemia and leukocytosis suspected to be paraneoplastic changes. During hospitalisation, it was identified that the patient suffered from a subluxated fetlock of the left front limb and a fully dropped fetlock of the front right limb due to compensatory over-weightbearing. Due to poor prognosis of the aggressive squamous cell carcinoma associated with a severe anaemia and concomitant musculoskeletal disease, humane euthanasia was elected.

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