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Microcomputers for Information Management

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Downloading the results from online searching onto a microcomputer disk is one of the major benefits of online database searching using a microcomputer. Surveys show that downloaded citations are being used in a variety of ways including: editing and merging citations from several searches creating inhouse databases, or preparing edited results for resale.

Although it has not been tested in court these uses may violate copyright law under the compilation, derivative works, or original work provisions. In addition, many database producers include prohibitions against downloading in the terms and conditions of your contract with the database vendor. Other publishers have now formulated specific policies regulating downloading.

Publishers have instituted other changes to deal with downloading. Online type charges reimburse the publisher for citations you may be downloading. Subsets provided offline on floppy disks circumvent the need to download and compensate the publisher. The promise (and threat) of downloading is having many effects on the database industry.


Vol. 2(2), pp. 77-89

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