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19th National Online Meeting Proceedings

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As libraries offer more database products for end user searching, information service providers are offering a wider variation in pricing options. While "per use" options are still available (including connect time, per search, or output pricing), flat fee or subscription-based licensing options are becoming more popular. Subscription prices vary widely depending on type and size of library or organization, number of concurrent ("simultaneous") users, number of potential users, or size of population served by a library. My presentation will outline the various options available and the advantages and disadvantages of each for different types of libraries. Pricing based on number of potential users ("per seat" or site licenses) is more popular in business settings, while academic and public libraries may find simultaneous user pricing more attractive. A more detailed examination of use patterns will present usage data from academic and public libraries that are subscribers to databases provided by Information Access Company's Searchbank service. These data will show how many simultaneous users are logged on at any time. Factors that influence amount of use (including such things as number of workstations in the library, coverage of databases in instructional classes, placement of search options on library menus, etc. ) will also be discussed.

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