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With wireless connectivity and small laptop computers, people are no longer tied to the desktop for online searching. Handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs) offer even greater portability. So far, the most common uses of PDAs are as calendars and address books, or to interface with a laptop or desktop machine. More advanced PDAs, like Research in Motion's BlackBerry Wireless Handheld[TM], as well as new versions of the Palm PC, add entail, paging, a telephone, and limited Internet surfing. Hard-to-read screen displays and small keyboards (or no keyboard) have been a barrier to using PDAs for online searching and reading. As the technology improves (and as people get accustomed to doing everything digitally and on the run), PDAs may become the hot device for accessing databases and electronic publications. Already there are reports of BlackBerry addiction. This article describes LexiNexis, which is one of the first to offer online services to BlackBerry users.


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