Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural Economics

Major Professor

Charles E. Allred


This thesis, dealing with farm prices in Tennessee, has a three-fold purpose. One objective is to present the general trends of farm prices in Tennessee and to show by means of accepted statistical analy-sis the secular trend, seasonal variations, and cyclical (and random) fluctuations of selected farm price series. An analysis of December 1 farm prices of certain crops is made in Chapter III to show the general long-time changes of Tennessee farm prices from 1866 to 1935 while in Chapter IV a detailed time series analysis is made of the monthly farm prices of twenty-two farm products in the State. No effort is made to completely analyze each farm product because that in itself would be a task beyond the scope of this report. In addition certain historical data are offered in an effort to formulate the background of Tennessee farm prices and to show the major changes in the agricultural price structure of Tennessee and the United States during the past one hun-dred and fifty years. A second purpose is to prepare an index of farm prices in Tennessee to facilitate the measurement and analysis of trends in the agricultural industry of the State. This index of prices paid to producers of farm products is not necessarily the final word in an index of Tennessee farm prices. The third broad purpose of this study is to investigate the geo-graphical variations, or regional differences, of the farm price struc-ture of the United States by states for important farm products. Spe-cial consideration is given to the relative farm price position of Ten-nessee with respect to the other states in the nation. Also, attention is given to the major factors which are responsible for these regional price differences.

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