Masters Theses

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Master of Science


College Student Personnel

Major Professor

E. Grady Bogue

Committee Members

Joe Johnson, Gary Skolits


The purposes of the research are (1) to identify the similarities and differences among corporate, political, and academic leaders in Tennessee on postsecondary education accountability policy and (2) to investigate ways for improving accountability policy as evidenced by the various stakeholders. The two following research questions will be adapted from the larger, ongoing study by Bogue et al. (2009) on accountability:

· What differences and similarities exist among corporate, political, and academic stakeholders on the issues of collegiate mission and issues of accountability definition and evidence?

· What are the most important steps that institutions of higher education can take to improve performance accountability and what factors impede effective accountability?

The study employed a quantitative survey design where academic, corporate, and political leaders from Tennessee were investigated to identify differences and similarities on the purpose and function of accountability policy within the state. The findings suggest that while there are numerous points of difference among the stakeholders, it isreasonable to conclude that the numerous similarities that exist can help guide the successful development of meaningful accountability policy.

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