Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Landscape Architecture

Major Professor

B.S. Pickett

Committee Members

George M. Campbell, Homer D. Swingle, Gordon E. Hunt


The quality of market vegetables is one of the factors that determines price and salability. In addition to quality the earliness in maturity is important for the highest profit to the grower. The effects of many synthetic growth regulating substances on flowers or vegetative structures of plants have been studied for over 30 years. During this period significant effects upon fruit set and development have been observed. The tomato was one of the vegetable crops on which chemicals were used for promoting fruit set and development. Currently, there is no concrete evidence that the regulating substances improved the quality of the tomato fruit enough to affect market acceptance. The various effects of the substances such as auxins, gibberellins, and kinins upon many species and varieties of horticultural plants will aid in understanding the nature of the morphological changes occurring during fruit set and development. The use of combinations of these substances might make it pos-sible to further investigate the effects of such growth regulators on fruit growth and development up to maturity.

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