Masters Theses


Barry T. Ladd

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Animal Husbandry

Major Professor

R.L. Murphree

Committee Members

A.F. McFee, H.J. Smith, Henry Andrews


The effects of ionizing radiation on biological systems are being investigated more each day due to the increasing industrial uses of atomic energy. The potential hazards to both prenatal and postnatal animals have not been completely determined. These effects on man and farm animals are of prime importance, but intentional experimental exposures of humans are not possible except in special cases. Most of the present day knowledge about human reactions to radiation has come from extrapolation of data derived from irradiation of lower animals and accidental exposures of humans. Therefore, the more information that can be obtained from every available species, the more valid are the extrapolations to man likely to be.

One of the most pressing questions has been the effect of radiation on reproduction in farm animals. Does radiation permanently impair the reproductive ability of the male? Will fractionated doses be more deleterious than acute exposures? These are but two of the many questions which must be answered.

This study was initiated to determine the effects of fractionated doses of gamma radiation on sperm production and hematological elements in boars.

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