Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Animal Husbandry

Major Professor

R. L. Tugwell

Committee Members

O. E. Goff, B. J. Demott


Farm washed eggs often create a serious marketing problem for egg handlers and distributors. Egg quality deteriorates in areas or times of surplus production, as eggs must then be shipped to distant markets or held in storage until market conditions improve. In either case the period between washing and consumption is often long enough for bacteria and fungi to cause eggs to spoil. Losses due to lowered quality or spoilage are ultimately borne by the producer in the form of lower prices and reduced consumption of eggs.

Detergents, sanitizing agents, antibiotics, oiling, wrapping, carbon dioxide and other materials have been employed in an effort to conserve egg quality while in the market channel.

As egg production is of increasing importance, the problem of delaying bacterial and fungal invasion of market eggs should be investigated as an aid to this section of the poultry industry.

Research reported in this manuscript was designed to study the effectiveness of selected bactericides and fungicides on maintaining quality of eggs in storage.

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