Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

Calvin O. Qualset

Committee Members

H. R. DeSelm, E. Gray


A half-sib-full-sib experiment was conducted to study genetic variability and heritability in Balbo rye. S0 and S1 plants were obtained from two parental populations of Balbo and spaced-planted in a completely randomized design. This enabled data to be collected from each plant for both qualitative and quantitative characters. Qualitative characters studied were: kernel color, peduncle pubescence, third-floret development, and kernel coat texture. Quantitative characters studied were: tiller number, growth habit, plant height, days to heading, days to anthesis, days from heading to anthesis, and spike sterility. Variance components were used to calculate broad sense heritabilities and expected genetic gains for the quantitative characters. Frequencies and standard errors were calculated for the qualitative characters.

Evidence of genetic variability was found for both quantitative and qualitative characters. No differences were detected between the populations for the quantitative characters; however, small differences were detected for the qualitative characters. Differences were noted between generations for six of the seven quantitative characters and two of the four qualitative characters. Two qualitative characters, smooth kernel coat and pubescent peduncle, were possibly inherited as single dominant genes.

Genetic components of variance were large for each quantitative character with components being larger in the S1 generation. Therefore, broad sense heritability estimates were also larger in the S1 generation. When variance components were used to calculate expected genetic gains using a 5 percent selection intensity, these data indicate that progress can be made when selecting for any of the quantitative characters.

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