Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

David M. Ostermeier

Committee Members

Thomas H. Ripley, Kerry F. Schell, Brady J. Deaton


Environmental problems have increased in number and intensity in Thailand during the last few years. The explosion of the country's population has been the primary factor that has caused several environmental problems. A related problem has been the misuse of natural resources which has directly affected environmental deterioration. Acceleration of the nation's developing economy has resulted in increasing environmental problems. It is felt that environmental education would be an effective method to help ease environmental problems. It was the purpose of this study to develop some generalized approaches to environmental education which can be effectively used as a guide in developing environmental education programs in Thailand. In order to develop these approaches, it was also necessary to examine major components of environmental education in Thailand. Two principal components of environmental education were examined. The socioeconomic setting in Thailand was the first component analyzed and included an examination of the people, the economy, and educational system. The other component examined was resource development, in which forestry, agricultural, land, and rural development, were identified. Some general concepts and philosophies of environmental education which have been widely accepted in the United States were reviewed. This was followed by sets of suggested approaches in development of environmental education for Thailand. The approaches were distinguished into two major areas, school-oriented educational and nonschool educational approach. The school-oriented educational approach was concerned with formal and informal education within school. The nonschool educational approach emphasized the role of the Royal Forest Department in preparing study areas as well as other services and facilities in supporting environmental education in Thailand. Major recommendations of the study were: (1) Implement environmental education in Thailand's school systems; (2) Establish an in-service teacher training program; (3) Provide interpretive services; and (4) Consider further study and research.

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